Comstock is young, hails from the west, and is something of a fashion clairvoyant
— The New York Times

Robert Comstock was born in the mountainous region of Idaho. His formative experiences with nature included watching foraging herds of elk come within a stone’s throw of his home, and the sight and cacophony of Canadian geese migrating high overhead. At age six he enjoyed the freedom to venture into the wilderness, and with ongoing seasons the boundaries expanded to high-altitude forests, alpine streams and crystal lakes reached on foot and horseback. His companion throughout that ‘golden’ period was a large Scotch Collie; the two were inseparable.

In his early twenties, the wanderlust that formed his childhood lead him throughout South America, Spain, Portugal and the Middle East. Robert's experiences (and a desire not to follow a long line of Comstock footsteps in banking) inspired the start of his own business in 1976–a startup in his parents' garage. 


In an industry he knew little about, an unexpected thrill of exploration took him on a path to world-renowned tanneries and mills, often in countries he’d previously explored but this time the excitement was in discovering raw materials brought to life by revered craftsmen and age-old methodologies. Intricately woven and knitted cashmere, baby alpaca and the supple hand and smell of expertly tanned Spanish lamb were elements that spoke to him, and he divined what they wanted to become. This same design process, seeking out raw materials in their natural state and discovering direction from them via his tactile senses, fuels and captivates him to this day. Blending his love for worldwide adventure and his interpretation of fashion gave purpose to his designs, but it was Dawn Mello, then President of Bergdorf Goodman, who ‘discovered’ Robert, and a subsequent 4-page article in the NY Times that launched his career.

Over the years his explorations in the upper tributaries of the Amazon Basin, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, the high Altai Mountains of Outer Mongolia, and other magical locals have inspired garments worn by kings, VIP’s and unique individuals throughout the word.


The New York Times (1989)




Ringo Starr, The Beatles

Robert Comstock Leather Jacket featured on People (1981)


Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones

Robert Comstock Sweater featured on GQ (1983)


"Watch out: the rough-and-ready look comes of age"

Robert Comstock leather shearling jacket featured on Elle (1989)


American Fashion Menswear (Council of Fashion Designers of America)


Esquire (1994)

Esquire Gentleman.png


Comstock’s clothes… represent the pinnacle of function and fashion. Comstock is to sportswear what Robert Redford is to movies
— LA Times

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